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Hygenco and Ameropa Join Forces

28 Jun 2024

To Boost Green Ammonia Supply from India

June 28, 2024: In a strategic move to enhance green ammonia exports and support global sustainability goals, Hygenco Green Energies and Ameropa have signed a Term Sheet for the supply of green ammonia from Hygenco’s new plant at Gopalpur port in Odisha. This partnership underscores India’s growing role in the renewable energy landscape and aims to establish a robust supply chain for green ammonia.

Key Project Details

  • Production Capacity:

    • Phase 1: 600 tonnes per day (TPD), Commercial Operation Date (CoD) by 2027.

    • Phase 2: Doubling capacity to 1200 TPD by early 2028.

    • Full Capacity: 1.1 million tonnes per annum (MTPA) by 2030.

  • Investment: Hygenco plans to invest US$2.5 billion in green hydrogen and ammonia projects over the next three years.

Pioneering Efforts in Green Hydrogen

Currently, Hygenco is India’s only company with an operational commercial green hydrogen plant. The company is expanding its green hydrogen projects across the country, leveraging its advanced technology to produce economical, reliable, and safe green ammonia.

Amit Bansal, Co-founder & CEO of Hygenco, commented, "Inspired by the age-old philosophy that the world is one family, we are proud to announce a visionary partnership with Ameropa to support their decarbonization goals. At Hygenco, we leverage our advanced technology and pioneering expertise in green hydrogen to produce the 'greenest of green' ammonia."

Global Sustainability Goals

This partnership aligns with global efforts to reduce carbon emissions and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. Green hydrogen and ammonia are emerging as key alternatives to fossil fuels, especially in sectors like fertilizers and energy. India’s ambitious target of producing 5 million tonnes of green hydrogen by 2030 positions the country as a significant player in the global green ammonia market.

Beat Ruprecht, Ameropa’s Head of Ammonia, stated, “Ameropa supports the fast-tracking of green ammonia projects in Odisha, India. The Swiss trader is committed to backing Hygenco’s well-advanced plans while nurturing the ambition of a global portfolio of low-carbon ammonia.”

Strategic Export Plans

Hygenco and Ameropa aim to establish a reliable supply chain for exporting green ammonia to Europe and Asian markets. This initiative will help capture a significant share of the growing global low-carbon ammonia market. For Ameropa, green ammonia is crucial for producing low-impact fertilizers and promoting sustainable agricultural practices, significantly enhancing their efforts to reduce indirect emissions.


The collaboration between Hygenco and Ameropa marks a significant step in boosting green ammonia production and export from India. This partnership not only supports global decarbonization efforts but also reinforces India’s leadership in the renewable energy sector. With advanced technology and strategic investments, Hygenco and Ameropa are set to play a pivotal role in the transition to a sustainable, low-carbon future.

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