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ICRA estimates that India requires an investment of INR 9 lakh crore for the National Green Hydrogen Mission

30 Jan 2023

ICRA estimates INR 8-9 trillion investment needed by the Indian government for successful National Green Hydrogen Mission to produce 5 MMT of green hydrogen.

To further increase production for exports, additional investments will be required. The investments in electrolyzers will also be dependent on the fluctuations of commodity prices. The National Green Hydrogen Mission and accompanying research aim to establish favorable conditions for reducing the import of fossil fuels by 3-8 percent by 2030. This represents a significant step towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly energy future for India. The mission's focus on green hydrogen production will not only lead to a reduction in fossil fuel imports but also generate new job opportunities and drive innovation in the energy sector. Overall, the National Green Hydrogen Mission is an important and necessary initiative that will provide long-lasting benefits to India's economy and environment read more...

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