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India's energy requirements will be met with a more sustainable combination of energy sources, incorporating varying degrees of eco-friendliness.

17 Feb 2023

In the next 25 years, India's progress and economic development are projected to result in a twofold increase in annual energy consumption in absolute terms. This presents a significant opportunity as well as a challenge in terms of the transition to sustainable energy, and will necessitate one of the most massive transformations that the world has ever witnessed.

By the year 2047, India's energy demands will be met by a diverse combination of energy sources that vary in their level of eco-friendliness, including solar power, wind energy, green hydrogen and its derivatives, biofuels, and nuclear energy. Approximately one-third to one-half of the country's energy requirements will be fulfilled through electron-based sources. Nevertheless, the majority of the energy mix will still consist of molecules. Although coal and oil consumption may decrease, their complete phase-out could take several more decades.

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