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India Aims to Be a Refueling Hub for Green Ships in the Hydrogen Era

10 Sept 2023

Green ships powered by green hydrogen could soon find a refueling haven in India, according to RK Singh, the union minister for new and renewable energy. Speaking at a conference on green hydrogen pilots organized by NTPC, Singh underscored India's commitment to fostering a green shipping revolution within the next decade.

Green Hydrogen Revolution in India

India is making strides in the realm of green hydrogen. The nation is embracing numerous green hydrogen pilot projects, aligning with global efforts to transition to cleaner energy sources. Singh emphasized that green hydrogen initiatives are not only limited to the domestic front but extend globally, making India a key player in the emerging green energy landscape.

Becoming a Refueling Destination

Singh stressed India's potential to become a refueling destination for green ships. By providing green hydrogen or green ammonia at competitive prices, India aims to attract green vessels seeking eco-friendly fuel options. The strategy involves establishing bunkers at shipyards and fostering green shipping pilot projects.

Collaboration with the Ministry of Shipping

To realize this vision, Singh revealed that the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy is in discussions with the Ministry of Shipping. This partnership aims to lay the groundwork for India's emergence as a refueling hub for green ships. The two ministries will work together to facilitate the availability of green fuels and infrastructure.

Roadmap for Research and Development

Singh also highlighted the forthcoming release of the roadmap for research and development (R&D) for the national green hydrogen mission. This comprehensive plan will outline critical areas of research needed to advance the green hydrogen ecosystem in India.

Regulations and Standards

Efforts are underway to establish necessary regulations, codes, and standards for green hydrogen production and usage. Recommendations have been sent to relevant agencies, including BIS, PESO, and OISD, to adopt pertinent standards. India has already notified its Green Hydrogen Standard, which places a limit on carbon dioxide emissions per kilogram of hydrogen produced.

Government Investment in Pilot Projects

Bhupinder Singh Bhalla, Secretary of the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, disclosed that the government has allocated ₹1,466 crore for pilot projects under the green hydrogen mission. These projects are strategically designed to drive innovation and experimentation in sectors traditionally reliant on fossil fuels, such as steel production, long-range heavy-duty mobility, energy storage, shipping, and renewable power generation using hydrogen.

The Role of NTPC

Gurdeep Singh, CMD of NTPC, emphasized that hydrogen, particularly green hydrogen, will play a pivotal role in the future of energy. Public and private sectors alike are actively implementing pilot projects in green hydrogen, contributing to the formulation of a robust green hydrogen ecosystem.

As India takes determined steps toward a sustainable and green energy future, the prospect of becoming a refueling hub for green ships underscores the nation's commitment to cleaner and more environmentally friendly transportation solutions.

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