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India Hits Green Milestone: Coal Power Loses Top Spot to Renewables

3 May 2024

India has achieved a historic milestone in its clean energy journey!

For the first time ever, the share of coal in the country's electricity generation capacity has dipped below 50%.

Let's unpack this groundbreaking achievement:

Coal Crumbles, Renewables Rise:

  • Clean Sweep:  Renewable energy (RE) sources like solar and wind power now account for over 33% of India's total installed electricity capacity.

  • Coal Conquers No More:  Coal's dominance has finally waned, dropping from over 50% to nearly 49.2% in just one year.

  • Record-Breaking Renewables:  A whopping 71% of the new power generation capacity added in 2023-24 came from renewable sources.

Solar Steals the Show:

  • Solar Surge:  Solar power, including rooftop installations, led the renewable energy charge, contributing a massive 81% of the new RE capacity.

  • Wind Picks Up Speed:  Wind power capacity also saw a healthy increase, jumping from 2.3 GW to nearly 3.3 GW.

Driving Forces Behind the Green Shift:

  • Cost-Effective Clean Energy:  Renewables are now significantly cheaper than conventional sources like coal, making them a more attractive option.

  • Storage Solutions Emerge:  Advancements in energy storage technologies are making renewable energy more reliable and dispatchable.

  • Government Push:  India's ambitious renewable energy targets and supportive policies are accelerating the clean energy transition.

A Brighter Future with Clean Energy:

  • Climate Change Commitment:  This milestone brings India closer to achieving its goal of 50% non-fossil fuel power capacity by 2030.

  • Sustainable Growth:  The increasing reliance on clean energy will help India reduce its carbon footprint and ensure a sustainable energy future.

  • Meeting Growing Demand:  Despite the shift towards renewables, India's peak power demand continues to rise, highlighting the need for a balanced and efficient energy mix.

India's historic achievement in surpassing coal with renewables is a beacon of hope in the global fight against climate change. This green milestone paves the way for a cleaner and more sustainable future for India and inspires other nations to follow suit!

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