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Ineos Unveils Hydrogen Grenadier: A Glimpse into the Clean Off-Road Future

19 May 2024

Ineos Automotive is making waves with its hydrogen-powered Grenadier 4x4! This beast is conquering tough terrain, proving that clean power doesn't have to compromise capability.

But is hydrogen truly the future of off-roading? Let's take a closer look:

Ineos: Going Green(ish) with Hydrogen

  • Grenadier Goes Green:  Ineos showcases a hydrogen-powered Grenadier demonstrator, a net-zero version of their rugged 4x4.

  • Long Road Ahead: CEO Lynn Calder acknowledges the limited availability of hydrogen cars and infrastructure, pushing back production to the next decade.

Hydrogen Hurdles: Cost and Infrastructure

  • Extracting the Green Gold:  Ineos cites the high cost of hydrogen production and the lack of refueling stations as major roadblocks.

  • EVs Reign Supreme (for Now):  Limited hydrogen infrastructure makes electric vehicles (EVs) the more practical option currently.

Ineos Bets on Electric for Now

  • Fusilier to the Rescue:  Ineos plans to launch the Fusilier, an electric 4x4, in 2027, alongside existing diesel and petrol Grenadier models.

  • Taking Aim at UK's 2035 Ban:  Calder criticizes the UK's goal of banning new petrol and diesel cars by 2035, calling it unrealistic.

The Great Debate: Hydrogen vs Electric

  • Charging vs. Refueling:  While hydrogen offers a longer range and faster refueling than EVs, infrastructure is a major concern.

  • Government's Take:  The UK government highlights its existing EV incentives and growing charging network.

Is Hydrogen a Pipe Dream?

  • Global Infrastructure Gap:  Currently, only a small fraction of hydrogen refueling stations exist compared to EV chargers.

  • Election Uncertainty:  The upcoming UK election could impact the country's commitment to net-zero targets and EV adoption.

Greenpeace Chimes In:

  • EV Push Needed: Greenpeace emphasizes the need to focus on building a robust EV charging network and reinstating the 2030 ban on petrol and diesel cars.

  • Hydrogen on Hold: With limited infrastructure, Greenpeace believes hydrogen is not a viable option for mass transportation at present.

Ineos' hydrogen Grenadier is a glimpse into a potentially clean off-road future. However, with significant infrastructure hurdles and the dominance of EVs, it remains to be seen if hydrogen will truly conquer the roads.

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