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JERA Energy India Powers Up: Japan's Energy Giant Sets Up Shop in Growing Indian Market

3 May 2024

Japanese energy leader JERA is making a big move in India!

Their subsidiary, JERA Energy India, has officially started full-scale operations, setting their sights on exciting opportunities in the booming Indian market.

Why India?  JERA sees India as a prime location for:

  • Renewable Energy Growth:  The Indian market for renewable energy is expected to surge in the coming years.

  • Green Hydrogen Hub:  India's national hydrogen mission and focus on green hydrogen production make it a key player in this clean energy space.

  • Favorable Policies:  India's government support programs for green hydrogen and ammonia production create an attractive business environment.

JERA Energy India's Mission:

  • Market Intel Gathering:  They'll be collecting valuable data on renewable energy, green hydrogen, ammonia, and LNG-to-power solutions in India.

  • Building Relationships:  JERA Energy India will forge strong connections with Indian government agencies, local companies, and other relevant players.

  • Optimizing Opportunities:  By gaining a deep understanding of the Indian market, JERA aims to identify and pursue the most promising business ventures.

Building on Existing Partnerships:

  • ReNew Power Collaboration:  Since 2017, JERA has been invested in ReNew, a leading Indian renewable energy company.

  • Green Ammonia Project:  JERA and ReNew are exploring a joint green ammonia production project in Odisha, utilizing renewable energy to create clean-burning ammonia.

JERA's Global Vision:

  • Decarbonization Champion:  JERA's Indian expansion aligns with their commitment to global decarbonization efforts.

  • Hydrogen & Ammonia Supply Chains:  The company aims to establish and expand hydrogen and ammonia supply chains across Asia.

  • Solving Energy Challenges:  JERA's focus on clean energy solutions contributes to tackling energy issues, particularly in Asia.

JERA Energy India's launch marks a significant step towards a cleaner energy future for India and Asia. With its focus on collaboration and innovation, JERA is poised to play a key role in this exciting clean energy revolution!

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