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John Cockerill Hydrogen's Grand Entrance into the US: Unveils Electrolyser Gigafactory in Houston

23 Nov 2023

Houston, USA — John Cockerill Hydrogen has marked its foray into the US market with the acquisition of manufacturing space in Baytown, paving the way for a groundbreaking Electrolyser Gigafactory. The expansion aims to meet the burgeoning demand for green hydrogen in North America and establish a robust domestic supply chain.

Electrolyser Gigafactory in Houston: Powering North America with 1GW Annually

John Cockerill Hydrogen's US venture involves the establishment of an Electrolyser Gigafactory in Houston, geared to produce a remarkable 1 gigawatt (GW) of electrolysers annually. The facility is strategically positioned to provide local customer support, cultivate a domestic supply chain, and contribute to green hydrogen production equipment.

Retrofitting for Rapid Production: Operational by Q3 2024

To expedite the project, existing buildings in Baytown will be retrofitted with cutting-edge equipment. Leveraging expertise gained from operational plants in Europe and China, production at the Houston facility is expected to commence in Q3 2024. This venture represents one of the initial large-scale alkaline manufacturing facilities in the US.

Houston's Strategic Significance: A Natural Choice

Houston's selection for this groundbreaking venture is underlined by its robust energy ecosystem, competitive natural resources, skilled talent pool, and existing infrastructure. The Baytown site was chosen due to its proximity to vital transport routes, including on-site rail spur, major highways, and nearby barge access, facilitating seamless logistics.

Building on Houston's Hydrogen Hub Status: A Resounding Testament

Houston, notably the Baytown site, has solidified its standing as one of the seven regional hydrogen hubs, as designated by the US Department of Energy. The region boasts a rich hydrogen application base in refining and petrochemicals, complemented by established infrastructure like export terminals, gas storage capacities, and hydrogen pipelines.

Local Collaboration for Sustainable Energy Transition

Nicolas de Coignac, President of the Americas for John Cockerill, expressed anticipation for collaboration with local stakeholders, officials, business organizations, and academic institutions in advancing sustainable energy goals. The move aligns with Houston's ambition to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enhance energy security and resilience.

Houston's Energy Transition Capital Status Affirmed

Bob Harvey, President and CEO of the Greater Houston Partnership, celebrated the announcement as a testament to Houston's unrivaled status as the energy and energy transition capital of the world. This follows the recent selection of HyVelocity by the US Energy Department to develop a Gulf Coast Hydrogen Hub, underscoring Houston's pivotal role in the global energy landscape.

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