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Kerala Set for Green Power Push: ReNew Proposes 2GW Green Hydrogen Plant near Vizhinjam Port

8 Feb 2024

India's Renewable Giant Eyes Export Market with Ambitious Ammonia Production

Kerala Set for Green Power Push: ReNew Proposes 2GW Green Hydrogen Plant near Vizhinjam Port

Key Points:

  • ReNew Power Proposes Massive Project: 2GW green hydrogen and ammonia plant planned in Kerala.

  • Phased Construction & Early Production: 1.1 million tonnes/year capacity, starting in 2027 if approved.

  • Vizhinjam Port Connection: Strategic location suggests export ambitions.

  • Competition Heats Up: Project follows earlier proposal for nearby green ammonia facility.

  • Government Support: Kerala and India provide backing for hydrogen hub development and green ammonia subsidies.

  • Renewable Power Source: Project excludes 5-6GW of renewable energy needed for operation.

India's renewable energy sector is poised for a significant leap forward with ReNew Power's proposed 2GW green hydrogen and ammonia plant in Kerala. This ambitious project, strategically located near the upcoming Vizhinjam deepwater port, has the potential to not only boost domestic clean energy production but also fuel India's export ambitions in the green hydrogen market.

Breaking Down the Project:

  • Phased Construction: The plant will be built in three phases, gradually reaching a combined production capacity of 1.1 million tonnes of ammonia per year.

  • Early Production Target: Production could begin as early as 2027, subject to final approvals and investment decisions.

  • Export Focus: The proximity to the Vizhinjam port hints at ReNew's intention to tap into the global green hydrogen market.

  • Government Backing: Both the Kerala state government and the Indian federal government have expressed support for hydrogen hub development and green ammonia production.

Challenges and Next Steps:

  • Securing Renewable Energy: The project requires a significant amount of renewable energy, necessitating investments in additional infrastructure.

  • Competition: ReNew Power faces competition from other firms proposing similar projects in the region.

  • Regulatory Uncertainty: Clear regulations and guidelines for green hydrogen production and export are still evolving.

Despite these challenges, ReNew Power's proposal marks a significant step towards India's green energy goals. The success of this project could pave the way for wider adoption of hydrogen technology and position India as a key player in the global clean energy market.

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