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LRQA & Humble Hydrogen certify plant

16 Mar 2023

LRQA and Humble Hydrogen Partner for Green Hydrogen Plant Certification in India

LRQA, a leading certification agency, has been awarded a three-year contract by UK-based Humble Hydrogen to provide certification for its new 'green' hydrogen plant in India. The partnership validates the Indian government's vision of making Green Hydrogen Indian Technology available for the local and international market today.

The three-year contract represents a significant stepping stone for India and demonstrates Humble Hydrogen's knowledge in hydrogen storage systems, as well as the key Hydrogen Certification capabilities offered by LRQA. LRQA's Principal Consultant – Inspection Services, Nilay Ball, who headed the project, commented that the partnership will be critical for strengthening LRQA's foothold in this part of Asia as a major player in the green hydrogen space.

Green hydrogen is a low carbon fuel, and the products will contribute towards the reduction of global warming and pollution. The partnership between a certification agency and key hydrogen players will be of high significance to Indian export in the future. More and more companies are shifting their energy source from fossil fuel/hydrocarbons to clean energy in the form of 'green' hydrogen.

Claud Gurney, Chairman of Humble Hydrogen, expressed his pleasure in working with LRQA, a leading certification agency, and leading the development of hydrogen in India and globally with its dispensers, electrolysers, and storage systems. He also stated that he looked forward to furthering the relationship with LRQA.

LRQA has experts on international committees around the world and has been active in several international hydrogen initiatives, including the International Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Economy (IPHE) Regulations, Codes, Standards & Safety (RCSS), the Mission Innovation Challenge on Clean Hydrogen, and the International Energy Agency Safety Task.

LRQA is highly experienced in the development of standards and regulations that protect safety and quality, build confidence in the market, and inspire investment. Working with local regulators and vendors, and with an understanding of the supply/demand risks, LRQA staff help to ensure delivery of the right products at the right time.

In conclusion, LRQA's partnership with Humble Hydrogen demonstrates the increasing importance of hydrogen in the future fuel mix, as well as the importance of certification agencies in ensuring the safety and quality of new technologies. With the support of international committees and initiatives such as IPHE and RCSS, LRQA is well-positioned to continue to play a leading role in the development of hydrogen standards and regulations, building confidence in the market, and inspiring investment.

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