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Mahindra Susten Goes Green Giant: ₹21,000 Crore Investment to Supercharge Renewable Energy Portfolio

6 May 2024

Mahindra Susten, the Mahindra Group's renewable energy arm, is stepping on the gas pedal for clean energy!

Here's the lowdown on their ambitious plans:

₹21,000 Crore Green Bonanza:

  • Investment Blitz:  Mahindra Susten is set to invest a whopping ₹21,000 crore over the next five years in renewable energy projects.

  • Building a Clean Energy Empire:  This investment aims to create a massive 5.5 GW renewable energy asset portfolio.

Strategic Partnership:

  • Teaming Up for Success:  Mahindra Susten has joined forces with Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan (39% stake) to build this impressive portfolio.

Sustainable Energy Infra Trust (SEIT):

  • Funding the Future:  Launched in January 2024, SEIT is an infrastructure investment trust that will raise ₹1,365 crore as initial capital.

  • Growth Engine:  SEIT will play a key role in facilitating Mahindra Susten's ₹21,000 crore growth plan.

Smart Financing Strategy:

  • Asset Flipping for Growth:  Mahindra Susten will build and then sell (flip) renewable energy assets to generate funds for new projects.

  • Debt-Free Growth:  This asset flipping strategy allows Mahindra Susten to avoid a heavy debt burden and focus on continuous growth.

Hybrid Power Play:

  • Beyond Solar & Wind:  Mahindra Susten is venturing into hybrid renewable energy with a 150 MW solar-wind project in Maharashtra.

  • Clean Energy Champion:  This project will generate 460 million kWh of clean energy and significantly reduce carbon emissions.

From EPC to Developer:

  • Shifting Gears:  Mahindra Susten started as an EPC (engineering, procurement, construction) company for solar projects.

  • Building a Greener Future:  In the last six years, the company has transformed into a leading developer, building over 1,540 MW of renewable energy projects.

Mahindra Susten's ₹21,000 crore investment signifies a major commitment to clean energy in India. Their innovative financing strategy and focus on hybrid power solutions position them as a frontrunner in the country's renewable energy revolution!

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