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Making Waves for Green Fuel: Europe's First Offshore Hydrogen Pilot Proves Seaworthy

4 Feb 2024

From Landlubber to Ocean Hero: Sealhyfe Pilot Shows Green Hydrogen Can Ride the Waves

Move over, landlubbers! The future of clean fuel might just be floating at sea. Europe's first offshore hydrogen pilot has successfully completed its six-month mission, proving that producing green hydrogen on the waves is more than just a pipe dream.

French developer Lhyfe took the plunge with their Sealhyfe project, a 1MW electrolyser platform bobbing off the coast of France. Despite facing five stormy encounters, the system held its own, generating hydrogen at peak performance, just like its land-based counterparts.

Key takeaways from this ocean odyssey:

  • Electrolyzer Braved the Elements: Lhyfe's hero, a PEM electrolyser from Plug Power, kept chugging along, even when the wind turbine's power dipped to 10%. Talk about adaptability!

  • Minimal Maintenance, Maximum Results: With less than ten pit stops at sea, the system managed to run for an impressive 70% of the time, even after braving those storms. Talk about resilience!

  • Focus on Feasibility, Not Quantity: While the pilot only produced 15 tonnes of hydrogen (less than its full potential), the main goal was to prove it could survive and thrive in the harsh marine environment. Mission accomplished!

The future looks bright (and green!) for offshore hydrogen:

  • Lhyfe is setting sail for bigger things: Their next project, HOPE, will be a 10MW platform off the coast of Belgium, churning out four tonnes of green hydrogen per day. Talk about scaling up!

  • Grants and government support are fueling the wave: The EU and Belgium have already thrown their weight behind HOPE, proving there's a strong current pushing for this clean fuel revolution.

  • Lhyfe's CEO is riding the wave of success: "Sealhyfe has made offshore hydrogen production a reality," declared Matthieu Guesné. And with this successful pilot, the future of clean, green fuel looks like it's setting sail!

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