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Mumbai Charges Ahead: Tata Power Crosses 1,000 Green EV Charging Stations Milestone

6 Mar 2024

Mumbai has taken a significant leap forward in its electric vehicle (EV) journey as Tata Power, a leading power and EV charging provider, celebrates a major milestone: 1,000 green energy-powered EV charging stations across the city.

Powering the EV Revolution:

  • This achievement underscores Tata Power's commitment to sustainable mobility and supporting the growing EV community in Mumbai.

  • With over 10,000 EVs and counting on the streets, accessible charging infrastructure is crucial, and Tata Power is delivering.

Diverse Charging Network:

  • The 1,000 charging points cater to various needs, including:

    • 44 public charging stations for convenient on-the-go charging

    • 385 charging points in residential societies for home comfort

    • 58 charging points at commercial locations like malls, hotels, and workplaces

    • 531 fleet charging points for businesses

Strategic Expansion:

  • Recognizing the need for intercity travel, Tata Power has strategically placed fast charging points along major highways, including:

    • 19 points on the Mumbai-Pune highway

    • 26 points on the Mumbai-Goa highway (via Pune)

Looking Ahead:

  • Tata Power's ambition doesn't stop here. They plan to expand their green charging network by an additional 4,000 points across Maharashtra in a phased manner.

  • This expansion will not only increase accessibility but also ensure these stations are powered by 100% renewable energy, further solidifying their commitment to a sustainable future.

Tata Power's leadership in establishing a robust green EV charging network in Mumbai is paving the way for a cleaner and more sustainable transportation landscape in the city and beyond.

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