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Mumbai Gets H2O Eco-Upgrade: BMC and Tata Power Team Up for Greener Water Pumping

14 Mar 2024

Mumbai's water supply is about to get a green makeover! 

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has joined forces with Tata Power in a groundbreaking initiative to switch its water pumping stations to clean, renewable energy.

Why go green? Here's the lowdown:

  • Power Down on Carbon: This collaboration aims to significantly reduce the city's carbon footprint by utilizing renewable energy sources.

  • Slashing the Power Bill: The switch to green energy is expected to bring significant cost savings for BMC, helping them cut down on their electricity bills.

  • Sun Power for Mumbai's H2O: BMC's water pumping stations, currently guzzling over 50 megawatts daily (enough to power a rural district!), will transition from conventional sources to cleaner, renewable options.

  • Trial Run Success: A pilot project at the Bhandup pumping station proved the concept's potential. The station successfully shifted 345 KW to green energy for 3 hours daily, saving 23,000 units of electricity and offsetting a whopping 21 tonnes of carbon emissions!

Win-Win for Everyone:

This partnership is a win-win for both Mumbaikars and the environment. Citizens will benefit from a more sustainable water supply, while the city works towards a cleaner future. Additionally, the ToD (Time of Day) pricing structure will allow BMC to further optimize their energy consumption and costs.

Mumbai is leading the way in sustainable water management, and this innovative project paves the way for a greener, more eco-conscious future!

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