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NamX HUV: The Hydrogen SUV with a Detachable Fuel Tank Trick

22 Mar 2024

Move over battery packs, there's a new contender in town!

The NamX HUV is a hydrogen-powered SUV that boasts a pretty nifty feature - removable hydrogen capsules.

Here's the Lowdown on This Hydrogen Hot Rod:

  • Electric Powertrain, Hydrogen Fuel: Just like other hydrogen cars, the NamX HUV uses an electric motor but gets its juice from hydrogen fuel cells instead of bulky batteries.

  • Fast Refueling FTW: Forget waiting hours to charge your car! Hydrogen refueling takes just minutes, making it a big advantage over battery-powered EVs.

  • Detachable Power Boost: This is where things get interesting. NamX designed a unique (and patented) hydrogen capsule system. The car has a main hydrogen tank, but you can also carry up to six detachable capsules for extended range. Think of them as portable power banks for your car!

  • Performance Packed: The NamX HUV comes in two flavors: a standard 300 horsepower option with a 0-60 mph time of 6.5 seconds, and a range-topping 550 horsepower beast that rockets from 0-60 mph in a mere 4.5 seconds.

  • Impressive Range: With or without the extra capsules, the NamX HUV boasts a driving range of around 500 miles (800 km), making it a viable option for longer journeys.

Hydrogen vs. Battery: The Great Electric Debate

  • Hydrogen - The Underdog: While interest in hydrogen technology is growing, with applications in aircraft and hypercars even being explored, battery power remains the dominant force in the electric vehicle (EV) market.

  • Tesla vs. BYD: A Battery Battle: Tesla, the long-time EV king, recently lost its sales crown to BYD. One reason for BYD's success? Their focus on not just selling cars, but also developing and selling battery technology itself.

The Future of Hydrogen Power:

Despite the current dominance of battery EVs, the NamX HUV's innovative design shows the potential of hydrogen technology. Who knows, maybe detachable hydrogen capsules will become the game-changer the hydrogen car industry needs!

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