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NHPC's Wind-Solar Hybrid Tender: Green Giants Secure Victories with Competitive Tariffs

14 Feb 2024

Green Giants Triumph in NHPC Tender: Competitive Bids Power India's Renewable Future

Key Takeaways:

  • Winners Announced: Juniper Green Energy, Energizent Power, and Avaada Energy emerge victorious in NHPC's 1.5 GW tender.

  • Competitive Bidding: Juniper secures 150 MW with lowest tariff (₹3.48/kWh), followed by O2 Power (300 MW at ₹3.49/kWh) and Avaada (510 MW at ₹3.49/kWh).

  • Significance: Highlights growing competitiveness and attractiveness of wind-solar hybrid projects in India.

  • Favorable Tariffs: Reflect feasibility and economic viability of renewable energy ventures.

  • Impact: Supports India's renewable energy targets and transition to a cleaner future.

  • Milestone Achieved: Contributes to carbon emission reduction and sustainable environment.

  • Positive Stride: Signals promising advancements in India's renewable energy sector.

In a major boost for India's clean energy ambitions, NHPC's recent wind-solar hybrid tender witnessed strong participation and competitive bids, marking a significant milestone. Three leading names in the renewable energy space - Juniper Green Energy, Energizent Power (O2 Power), and Avaada Energy - emerged as the top winners, securing a combined capacity of 960 MW.

Bidding Highlights:

  • Competitive electronic reverse auction attracted numerous participants.

  • Juniper Green secured 150 MW with the lowest tariff of ₹3.48/kWh.

  • O2 Power bagged 300 MW at ₹3.49/kWh, demonstrating close competition.

  • Avaada emerged as the largest winner with 510 MW, also at ₹3.49/kWh.

Impact and Significance:

  • This outcome underscores the increasing affordability and attractiveness of wind-solar hybrid projects in India.

  • Favorable tariffs demonstrate the economic viability of renewable energy, accelerating adoption.

  • These developments support India's ambitious renewable energy goals and transition to a sustainable future.

  • Awarded capacities contribute to expanding renewable infrastructure and reducing carbon emissions.

  • This positive result signifies promising prospects for further advancements in the sector.


NHPC's wind-solar hybrid tender paves the way for a greener future in India by attracting strong participation and securing competitive bids. The leading players' victories mark a significant step forward, contributing to India's clean energy vision and setting the stage for future advancements in the sector.

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