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NTPC and Rajasthan Join Forces for Cleaner, More Efficient Energy

11 Mar 2024

India's energy giant, NTPC, has signed a landmark agreement with Rajasthan Rajya Vidyut Utpadan Nigam (RVUNL) to boost the state's power sector with a focus on both clean energy and efficient fossil fuel use.

The Supercharged Deal:

  • Chhabra Thermal Power Plant Upgrade: NTPC will explore adding cutting-edge supercritical units to the existing Chhabra Thermal Power Plant. These advanced units are known for their cleaner and more cost-effective power generation.

  • Revamping Old Thermal Units: The agreement also includes a plan to modernize RVUNL's existing thermal units, making them more efficient and reducing electricity generation costs.

Going Green with NGEL:

NTPC's renewable energy arm, NGEL, has joined the party with a separate MoU with RVUNL. This exciting partnership aims to:

  • Develop massive renewable energy projects with a capacity of up to a whopping 25 GW in Rajasthan!

  • Push the frontiers of green hydrogen by establishing production facilities for up to 1 million tonnes of this clean fuel.

A Powerful Alliance for a Greener Future:

This collaboration between NTPC, NGEL, and RVUNL signifies a major step towards a more sustainable and secure energy future for Rajasthan. By combining efficient thermal power with large-scale renewable energy and clean hydrogen production, this agreement paves the way for a brighter, cleaner tomorrow.

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