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NTPC Green Energy Accelerates Hydrogen Generation Initiative in Andhra Pradesh

10 Jan 2024

Andhra Pradesh: In a significant move to bolster the hydrogen economy, NTPC Green Energy Ltd (NGEL), a subsidiary of NTPC Ltd, has announced an Expression of Interest (EoI) to catalyze hydrogen generation and storage capabilities in the region.

Pioneering a Hydrogen Generation Hub

With an expansive 1,200-acre land parcel in Pudimadaka, Achutapuram, NGEL is poised to establish a groundbreaking hydrogen generation hub. The strategic initiative encompasses two pivotal facets:

  1. Hydrogen Production Facilities: A dedicated zone will focus on advancing hydrogen generation, alongside the production of ammonia and other hydrogen-based derivatives, solidifying the hub's role in driving the hydrogen generation ecosystem.

  2. Manufacturing Hub for Hydrogen Technologies: A significant segment of the land will be tailored into a specialized manufacturing hub, emphasizing the production of cutting-edge equipment and technologies pivotal for hydrogen generation, storage, and utilization. The expansive area designated for this initiative is estimated at around 300 acres, signaling a robust commitment to fostering innovation and industrial growth in the realm of hydrogen generation.

Infrastructure Commitment for Hydrogen Generation

To ensure the seamless realization of this hydrogen generation vision, NGEL has proactively arranged essential infrastructure elements, including land, water, and electricity. The in-principle approval from the Andhra Pradesh government further propels the project's momentum.

Charting the Hydrogen Generation Future

Upon the conclusion of the EoI phase, NGEL intends to forge distinct commercial agreements with chosen entities. This collaborative approach is designed to facilitate the establishment of state-of-the-art facilities dedicated to hydrogen generation, storage, and the broader hydrogen economy, all under the aegis of the Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corp.

With a bid submission deadline slated for February 13, the initiative marks a defining stride towards positioning Andhra Pradesh at the forefront of hydrogen generation innovation and manufacturing.

Parallel Progress in Renewable Landscape

Complementing this hydrogen-centric endeavor, NGEL has also initiated a tender inviting domestic bids for overseeing the operations and maintenance of the 225 MW Bilhaur Solar Power Project in Uttar Pradesh, showcasing a holistic commitment to advancing diverse renewable energy avenues.

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