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Oriana Power Shines Bright with New Solar Power Plant, Stock Soars

16 Apr 2024

Oriana Power Limited, a leading provider of solar energy solutions, is making waves in the clean energy sector!

Their stock price jumped 4% after successfully commissioning a significant project.

Here's the Winning Formula:

  • Power Plant Powerhouse: Oriana successfully commissioned a whopping 29 MWp Captive Open Access Solar Power Plant project for a steel company in Karnataka.

  • Clean Energy Champion: This project is estimated to generate a massive 464.89 million kWh of clean power annually, significantly reducing the client's carbon footprint by an estimated 38,121 tonnes per year.

  • Big Bucks and Bigger Projects: Oriana recently secured a large order worth Rs. 325 Crores for building a 76.62 MW solar power plant.

Oriana's Diverse Solutions:

The company offers a comprehensive range of solar energy solutions, including:

  • Floating solar panels

  • Rooftop solar installations

  • Hydrogen electrolyzers

Financial Strength:

  • Oriana's revenue has grown steadily, with a 9.85% increase from FY22 to FY23.

  • They boast impressive profitability, with profits rising from Rs. 6.96 Crores to Rs. 10.93 Crores in the same period.

  • The company demonstrates strong financial health with a high return on equity (ROE) of 46.8% and a return on capital employed (ROCE) of 27.1%.

Looking Ahead:

Oriana Power's commitment to clean energy solutions and their impressive project execution capabilities position them for continued success in the booming renewable energy market.

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