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Over the next three years, Greenko plans to invest $6 billion in its pumped storage and green ammonia business.

17 Feb 2023

Greenko is constructing the world's largest pumped hydro storage facility with a capacity of 1,680 MW near Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, and plans to build three more facilities in the next three years. Two will be similar in size, while the third will be 1.5 times larger. These four facilities will have a total storage capacity of 50 GWhr, and the cost of the Kurnool project alone is over a billion dollars.

Greenko plans to commission the Kurnool plant by December of this year, with one-third of its power supplied to the company's green hydrogen and green ammonia facility located in Kakinada, from where the green ammonia will be exported. The Chief Operating Officer of Greenko ZeroC Pvt Ltd, Gautam Reddy, revealed at the recent India Energy Week event in Bengaluru that Greenko will invest $6 billion in this business. At the same event, BC Tripathi, Senior Advisor at Greenko, announced the group's intention to produce three million tons of green ammonia annually read more...

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