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PM Narendra Modi Highlights India's National Hydrogen Mission at India Energy Week 2023 in Bangalore

6 Feb 2023

On Monday, During the India Energy Week in Bangalore PM Narendra Modi said that the National Hydrogen Mission will give the new direction to India in the 21st century.

While Addressing on the inaugural day of the India Energy Week he said that India is working on the national hydrogen mission to increase the energy mix of natural gas consumption by 2030.

He also applauded Bangalore for the talent and contribution for conducting this India Energy Week.

He also demonstrated the twin cook-top model of the solar cooking system, developed by Indian Oil.

He also said that due the internal resilience during the pandemic and war, India came up strong and is not facing the after effects like other countries.

He said that India has tremendous amount of capability to be the global leader in the energy sector in the coming decade. India is pushing the energy sector focusing on the use of the renewable source of energy.

After the ₹19,790 crore for the national green hydrogen mission, India is focused and is working towards being the global leader in the green hydrogen energy through the national hydrogen mission.

He added that in India crores of poor people are doing well enough to advance towards the middle class level and this could be possible because of multiple factors such as the stable decisive government, sustained reforms and socio-economic empowerment at the grassroot level, at India Energy Week 2023, Bangalore, Karnataka.

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