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Quantron and Mob´Hy Join Forces for Zero-Emission Mobility in France

20 Sept 2023

Quantron AG, a leader in sustainable passenger and freight transportation, is partnering with Mob'Hy, a specialist in green hydrogen production and distribution, to accelerate the adoption of zero-emission mobility solutions in France. The collaboration marks a significant step towards reducing environmental impact and promoting cleaner transportation alternatives.

A Sustainable Partnership

In a move towards sustainable transportation, Quantron AG and Mob'Hy have signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) outlining Mob´Hy's procurement of 253 hydrogen-powered QUANTRON vehicles. This procurement is scheduled to take place from late 2024 to 2027, demonstrating a long-term commitment to zero-emission mobility.

Expertise in Green Hydrogen

Mob´Hy benefits from the expertise of Vent d’Est, a company specializing in the development of wind and solar energy production infrastructures. Mob´Hy is actively involved in research, development, and project management related to hydrogen production and distribution, making them a key player in advancing green hydrogen technology.

Driving Sustainable Mobility

Jean-Michel Sylvestre, founder and president of Mob´Hy, expressed the significance of this partnership, stating, "Together, we will drive sustainable mobility in France and make a significant contribution to environmental protection. We also believe this partnership may pave the way for new specialized montage workshops in the Grand Est region, capitalizing on the skilled labor force trained along the AFPA-led vocational training consortium, an EU-supported scheme."

Innovative Fuel Cell Technology

Andreas Haller, Founder and Executive Chairman of Quantron AG, emphasized the importance of collaborating with Mob´Hy to introduce innovative fuel cell technology and Quantron's comprehensive ecosystem, known as Quantron-as-a-Service, into the French market. He expressed confidence that this partnership would play a pivotal role in the successful adoption of zero-emission mobility solutions within the region.

Paving the Way for Green Mobility

As the world continues to prioritize sustainable transportation and environmental protection, collaborations like the one between Quantron and Mob´Hy are instrumental in driving change. The focus on zero-emission mobility and hydrogen production signifies a commitment to a greener future and cleaner air for all.

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