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Reliance Paves the Way: India Gears Up for Green Hydrogen Trucks by Mid 2024

7 Feb 2024

Heavyweight Move for Sustainability: 5,000 Trucks Go Green, National Mission & Global Collaborations Fuel Hydrogen Future

India's Reliance Industries, a major player in the energy sector, is making bold strides towards a greener future with its plan to convert 5,000 existing trucks to run on green hydrogen by mid-2024. This ambitious initiative has the potential to significantly reduce emissions and revolutionize India's heavy-duty transportation sector.

Key Highlights:

  • Reliance's Green Hydrogen Truck Fleet:

    • 5,000 trucks to be converted by mid-2024 for internal use.

    • Successful trials demonstrate three times higher efficiency compared to diesel.

    • Reliance has indigenously developed the hydrogen ICE technology.

  • National Green Hydrogen Mission:

    • India's government supports pilot projects for green hydrogen in shipping.

    • Retrofitting of ships and green ammonia bunkering facilities planned.

    • Aims to decarbonize the maritime sector and identify key challenges.

  • Global Green Hydrogen Collaboration:

    • Airbus, Avinor, SAS, Swedavia, and Vattenfall partner for hydrogen infrastructure at airports.

    • Study forecasts 1.7 million new green jobs across Europe by 2040.

    • Partnerships and innovation drive progress towards a hydrogen-powered future.

Looking Ahead:

Reliance's initiative, coupled with India's National Green Hydrogen Mission and global collaborations, signifies a paradigm shift towards cleaner transportation. This transition to green hydrogen holds immense potential for environmental benefits, economic growth, and job creation. As technology advances and costs decrease, we can expect to see widespread adoption of green hydrogen across various sectors, paving the way for a more sustainable future.

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