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Revolutionizing Green Hydrogen Production through Cutting-Edge Technology: A Cleantech Startup's Journey

9 Feb 2023

From ancient times, human beings have relied heavily on fossil fuels to meet their energy requirements. While this source of energy has served us well, it has also significantly contributed to various forms of pollution and amplified the consequences of climate change.

Saurabh Tembhurne, the Co-founder and CEO of SoHHytec, grew up in the suburbs of India where he witnessed the significant dependence on fossil fuels and their contribution to pollution. As he became more aware of the impact of fossil fuels on the environment and public health, he recognized the need for a sustainable alternative.

Motivated to make a positive impact, Tembhurne co-founded SoHHytec with the aim of developing innovative solutions to reduce reliance on fossil fuels. Through his company, he aims to create a cleaner, more sustainable future by providing affordable, accessible, and reliable green energy alternatives to traditional fossil fuels read more...

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