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Siemens Energy Unleashes Green Hydrogen Revolution: A 1GW Electrolyser Powerhouse

22 Nov 2023

Siemens Energy, in collaboration with Air Liquide, has inaugurated a cutting-edge 1GW proton-exchange membrane (PEM) electrolyser factory, a crucial milestone for mainstream electrolyser production. The grand opening, attended by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Vice-Chancellor Robert Habeck, signals a significant leap toward hydrogen's mass adoption.

Bold Expansion Plans: Scaling Up to 3GW by 2025

Siemens Energy envisions scaling up the facility to "at least 3GW by 2025 with potential for more," solidifying its commitment to meeting the soaring demand for hydrogen. The PEM electrolysers produced here are set to play a pivotal role in green and low-carbon hydrogen applications.

Elevating Hydrogen Economy: Making Electrolysers a Mass Product

Siemens Energy CEO Christian Bruch expressed the need to transform electrolysers into a mass product, a key driver for advancing the hydrogen economy. Bruch emphasized the importance of establishing a balanced business model to propel the smallest molecule, hydrogen, into a major success story.

Strategic Deployment: Fueling Air Liquide's Normand’Hy Project

One of the inaugural projects for these electrolysers is Air Liquide's Normand’Hy project in northern France. This deployment underscores the viability and readiness of Siemens Energy's PEM technology for supplying hydrogen to TotalEnergies’ nearby oil refinery.

Revenue Projections and Financial Landscape

Siemens Energy anticipates revenues exceeding €1 billion ($1.1 billion) from its electrolyser manufacturing business in the medium term. However, company representatives stressed the necessity for government support, including financing assistance and state guarantees, to overcome financial challenges in funding green hydrogen projects.

Air Liquide's CEO Emphasizes Mass Production

Francois Jackow, CEO of Air Liquide, emphasized the importance of mass production in realizing competitive renewable hydrogen. The Siemens Energy and Air Liquide joint venture bring together the best of their respective expertise to offer market-suited products.

Looking Ahead: Siemens Energy's Vision for the Future

Siemens Energy's bold move in establishing a 1GW electrolyser factory signifies a quantum leap in the hydrogen revolution. As global demand for green hydrogen intensifies, Siemens Energy positions itself at the forefront, ready to shape the future of sustainable energy.

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