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Solar Giants Unite: NTPC Green Energy and MAHAPREIT Join Forces for Mega 10 GW Renewable Energy Push in Maharashtra

9 May 2024

Sun & Wind Power Take Center Stage in Maharashtra!  NTPC Green Energy (NGEL) and MAHAPREIT have signed a groundbreaking pact to develop a massive 10 GW renewable energy park in the state.

Here's the scoop on this sunshine-fueled partnership:

Powering Up for a Greener Future:

  • Renewable Energy Powerhouse: NGEL and MAHAPREIT will collaborate on a grid-connected renewable energy park encompassing solar, wind, hybrid, and other cutting-edge solutions.

  • Maharashtra Gets Greener: This ambitious project aims to generate a whopping 10 GW of clean energy, significantly boosting Maharashtra's renewable energy portfolio.

NTPC Green Energy on the Rise:

  • Clean Energy Champion: NGEL, a subsidiary of India's largest power utility NTPC, is spearheading this initiative as part of their mission to expand their renewable energy footprint.

  • Renewable Energy Goals in Sight: NTPC Group aims to achieve a remarkable 60 GW of renewable energy capacity by 2032.

NGEL's Growing Green Arsenal:

  • Beyond Solar and Wind:  Their focus extends beyond traditional solar and wind power, exploring green hydrogen, energy storage solutions, and round-the-clock renewable energy.

  • Building on a Strong Foundation:  NGEL currently boasts an installed capacity of 3.5 GW of renewable energy with a promising pipeline of over 28 GW.

MAHAPREIT: A Green Partner:

  • Government Backing for Clean Energy: MAHAPREIT, a Maharashtra government enterprise, brings its expertise and resources to the table, accelerating the state's clean energy transition.

  • Renewable Energy for All:  Their mission aligns perfectly with NGEL's vision to provide clean and sustainable energy solutions.

This collaboration between NGEL and MAHAPREIT marks a significant milestone in India's renewable energy journey. With a focus on solar, wind, and innovative solutions, this 10 GW project has the potential to revolutionize Maharashtra's energy landscape and pave the way for a cleaner and greener future!

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