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Sri Lanka Gets Blowing with Adani Green: 20-Year Wind Power Deal Signed

7 May 2024

Sri Lanka is taking a big leap towards clean energy with a brand new 20-year power purchase agreement!

Here's the scoop:

Wind Power Pact Signed:

  • Power Up with Adani Green: Sri Lanka has inked a deal with Adani Green Energy Ltd. to acquire power from two wind power plants.

  • Long-Term Commitment: This 20-year agreement ensures a stable and reliable source of clean energy for Sri Lanka.

Adani Green Takes Center Stage:

  • Wind Power Frontrunner:  Adani Green, led by billionaire Gautam Adani, will develop these wind power plants with a combined capacity of 484 megawatts.

  • Investing in a Greener Future:  Adani Green is set to invest a cool $442 million into this wind power project.

Powering Up the Economy:

  • Hedging Against High Costs:  Sri Lanka aims to reduce reliance on expensive imported fuels and bolster its energy security with renewable energy sources like wind power.

  • Lessons Learned:  This deal comes after Sri Lanka faced crippling power outages due to fuel shortages in 2022.

Sri Lanka's wind power deal with Adani Green signifies a significant move towards a more sustainable and secure energy future. This 20-year agreement paves the way for cleaner energy and a more stable power supply for the island nation!

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