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Sun, Wind & Battery Power: Tata & SJVN Join Forces for Mega Clean Energy Project

6 May 2024

Get ready for a clean energy boost! Tata Power Renewable Energy Ltd (TPREL) and SJVN Ltd have joined hands to build a massive 460 MW clean energy project, putting India on the fast track to a greener future.

Here's why this collaboration is groundbreaking:

Clean Power Powerhouse:

  • Project Punch:  This innovative project will combine solar, wind, and battery storage technologies to provide a reliable and consistent source of clean energy.

  • Round-the-Clock Power:  This Firm and Dispatchable Renewable Energy (FDRE) plant ensures 24/7 clean power supply, meeting the growing demand for renewable energy.

Benefits Galore:

  • Grid Stability:  The project's design will help stabilize the power grid by efficiently managing energy dispatch during peak hours.

  • Renewable Energy Goals Met:  This collaboration will significantly contribute to SJVN Ltd's clean energy objectives and support power distribution companies in fulfilling their renewable purchase obligations (RPOs) and energy storage obligations (ESOs).

Green Gigawatt Giant:

  • Power Generation on Steroids:  The plant is expected to generate a whopping 3,000 million units (MUs) of clean power annually.

  • Carbon Footprint Fighter:  This eco-friendly project will offset a staggering 2,200 million kgs of CO2 emissions every year, making a significant impact on climate change.

TPREL's Green Leadership:

  • Capacity Climb:  With this project, TPREL's total renewable energy capacity reaches a mighty 9,421 MW, solidifying their position as a leader in India's clean energy revolution.

  • Green Vision, Green Action:  TPREL's commitment to sustainable energy solutions is evident in their growing portfolio of operational and upcoming projects.

This Tata-SJVN partnership marks a significant step towards India's clean energy future. By harnessing the power of the sun, wind, and battery storage, this project paves the way for a more sustainable and reliable power supply for the nation!

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