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Sun, Wind & Hydrogen: Tunisia and Austria Team Up for Green Power Play

29 May 2024

Tunisia and Austria are joining forces to create a sunshine-powered solution for Europe's clean energy future.

Here's the scoop on their ground-breaking green hydrogen project!

Teaming Up for Green Gold

  • TotalEnergies & VERBUND Join Hands: French energy giant TotalEnergies and Austrian electricity leader VERBUND have signed a deal with Tunisia to explore a large-scale green hydrogen project.

H2 Notos: Powering Up with Sunshine

  • Sun & Wind Power: The project, called H2 Notos, aims to produce clean hydrogen using solar and wind power. Think sunshine and strong breezes turned into fuel!

  • Desalination Makes Waves: Desalinated seawater will keep the project humming, showcasing innovative water management.

From Tunisia to Europe: A Green Hydrogen Highway

  • 200,000 Tons and Growing: H2 Notos is expected to produce a massive 200,000 tons of green hydrogen annually, with the potential to ramp up to a million tons!

  • Pipeline Power: This green fuel will travel through the SoutH2 Corridor, a pipeline project connecting Tunisia to key European markets.

Challenges on the Road to Green

  • Cost Cuts Key: While green hydrogen offers a promising path to clean energy, production costs remain high. This project aims to find ways to make it more affordable.

  • Industry & Government on Board:  This collaboration between a major energy company, a government, and a utility shows growing industry and government support for green hydrogen solutions.

As the world strives for cleaner energy sources, Tunisia and Austria's green hydrogen project is a beacon of innovation. By harnessing the power of the sun and wind, this collaboration paves the way for a more sustainable future!

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