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Sustainable Skies Ahead: University's Aviation Research Center Takes Flight with Green Hydrogen

6 Feb 2024

IMI Electrolyzer Takes Center Stage, Boosting Green Hydrogen Production for Sustainable Aviation Fuels

The University of Sheffield's Sustainable Aviation Fuels Innovation Centre (SAF-IC) is soaring to new heights with the successful commissioning of a new IMI Remosa electrolyzer. This green hydrogen powerhouse will fuel research into low-carbon alternatives for jet travel, paving the way for a sustainable future for aviation.

Key Takeaways:

  • IMI VIVO PEM electrolyzer churns out 140Nm³ of green hydrogen per hour, significantly boosting the university's production capacity.

  • SAF-IC becomes the UK's first center to produce, test, and validate new fuels all under one roof.

  • Green hydrogen replaces natural gas, further solidifying the university's commitment to sustainability.

  • Collaboration is key: IMI Remosa and the university join forces to tackle the transportation industry's biggest sustainability challenge.

Quotes from the Leaders:

  • Jackie Hu, CEO of Automation at IMI: "We're proud to partner with SAF-IC in their mission to create a greener future."

  • Professor Mohamed Pourkashanian, Head of the University of Sheffield's Energy Institute: "This electrolyzer will allow us to explore the potential of green hydrogen for a sustainable aviation industry."

Looking Ahead:

This project marks a significant step towards decarbonizing the aviation industry. With continued research and collaboration, sustainable aviation fuels powered by green hydrogen could become a reality, ensuring cleaner skies for generations to come.

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