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Suzlon Wins Big with 402 MW Wind Power Order in Rajasthan

23 May 2024

Suzlon is on a roll! The leading renewable energy company just bagged a massive 402 MW wind energy project order from Juniper Green Energy, bringing clean power to thousands of homes in Rajasthan.

Suzlon & Juniper Green: A Green Powerhouse Partnership

  • 402 MW Wind Power Boost: Suzlon will install wind turbine generators with a capacity to generate 402 MW of clean wind energy in Rajasthan.

  • 134 Wind Giants Take Flight: A total of 134 wind turbines will be erected at the Suzlon proposed site at Fatehgarh, harnessing the power of wind for a greener future.

Clean Energy for a Brighter Tomorrow

  • Powering Up 331,000 Homes: This project has the potential to provide electricity to a staggering 331,000 households in Rajasthan.

  • Curbing Carbon Emissions: By generating clean wind power, this project will help reduce CO2 emissions by an impressive 13.07 lakh tonnes annually.

Suzlon's Commitment to Renewable Energy

  • Full-Service Wind Power Solutions: Suzlon will not only supply the wind turbines but also handle the entire project lifecycle, from foundation to commissioning and maintenance.

  • Expanding Green Footprint in Rajasthan: This project strengthens Suzlon's presence in Rajasthan, a key state for wind energy development in India.

  • Made in India, Powering India: Suzlon's focus on "Made in India" wind energy solutions aligns perfectly with Juniper Green Energy's vision for a sustainable India.

Suzlon and Juniper Green Energy's collaboration is a major win for clean energy in India. This project will not only bring clean power to thousands of homes but also set a strong example for future wind energy development in the country.

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