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Taking Flight on Clean Fuel: Europe Launches Innovative Project for Hydrogen-Powered Planes

21 May 2024

Get ready for a greener future of flying! Airbus, along with a team of European heavyweights, has launched a groundbreaking project called GOLIAT.

Their mission? To make hydrogen-powered airplanes a reality!

Why Hydrogen? The Fuel of the Future for Aviation

  • Decarbonizing the Skies:  Our planet is calling for cleaner skies, and hydrogen offers a promising solution for reducing emissions in the aviation industry.

  • Long-Range, Clean Performance:  Liquid hydrogen (LH2) boasts high energy density, enabling long-distance travel for aircraft – all while emitting zero CO2 emissions!

  • Fossil Fuel Freedom:  By adopting LH2, airports can ditch their dependence on fossil fuels and embrace a cleaner, more sustainable future.

GOLIAT: Taking Off with Cutting-Edge Solutions

  • €10.8 Million EU Boost:  This ambitious project is backed by a €10.8 million grant from the EU's Horizon Europe program.

  • Four-Year Mission:  Over the next four years, GOLIAT will demonstrate the safe and efficient use of LH2 handling and refueling technologies at airports.

  • Dream Team Assembly:  Airbus leads an all-star team of partners from across Europe, including Airbus (France, Germany, UK), Chart Industries (Czech Republic, Italy), TU Delft (Netherlands), Leibniz University Hannover (Germany), Royal Schiphol Group (Netherlands), Rotterdam The Hague Airport (Netherlands), Vinci Airports (France, Portugal), Stuttgart Airport (Germany), H2FLY (Germany), and Budapest Airport (Hungary). 

The GOLIAT Game Plan: Four Key Objectives

  • Scaling Up for Success:  Developing advanced LH2 refueling technologies specifically designed for future large commercial aircraft.

  • Real-World Testing:  Demonstrating small-scale LH2 aircraft ground operations at multiple European airports.

  • Setting the Standards:  Creating clear guidelines and certifications for safe and reliable future LH2 operations.

  • Mapping the Hydrogen Ecosystem:  Analyzing the economic viability and infrastructure needs for a hydrogen-powered aviation industry.

Hydrogen: A Promising Path for Sustainable Aviation

  • Clean and Efficient:  Burning hydrogen fuel produces no CO2 emissions, making it a game-changer for reducing the environmental impact of air travel.

  • High Energy Potential:  Hydrogen packs a powerful punch, offering three times the energy per unit mass compared to traditional jet fuel.

  • Adapting for the Future:  The visual design of future aircraft might change to accommodate bulkier hydrogen storage solutions, but the environmental benefits are undeniable.

GOLIAT is a major leap forward for hydrogen-powered airplanes. By developing the necessary technologies and infrastructure, this project paves the way for a cleaner, more sustainable future for aviation. So buckle up and get ready for a smoother, greener ride on the wings of hydrogen!

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