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Tata Motors Boosts Hydrogen Innovation with New R&D Facility in Pune

22 Nov 2023

Tata Motors, a major player in the Indian automotive industry, has unveiled a cutting-edge Research and Development (R&D) facility in Pune, India, dedicated to advancing hydrogen internal combustion engines (ICEs) and hydrogen storage and dispensing technology. This move is part of Tata Motors' commitment to carbon neutrality and its belief in hydrogen as a key player in the future of fuel, especially for commercial vehicles.

The facility follows Tata Motors' recent showcase of its Prima H.55S heavy-duty truck tractor in both hydrogen ICE and fuel cell models, along with a hydrogen fuel cell bus in April 2023. The company sees hydrogen as a crucial element in achieving green mobility and aims to leverage the potential of hydrogen propulsion technology through indigenous research and development.

Girish Wagh, Executive Director at Tata Motors, expressed optimism about the future of hydrogen, stating, "We believe hydrogen to be the fuel of the future, especially for commercial vehicles." The R&D facility represents a significant step toward technological innovations that align with Tata Motors' vision for Net Zero and sustainable transportation solutions.

In November 2022, Tata Motors entered a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Cummins to collaborate on hydrogen internal combustion engines (ICEs) and fuel cell systems. This collaboration underscores Tata Motors' dedication to harnessing the full potential of hydrogen technology through ongoing research and product development.

Rajendra Petkar, Chief Technology Officer at Tata Motors, emphasized the company's commitment to hydrogen technology, saying, "This development is a testimony to Tata Motors' continued commitment and leadership towards Net Zero and [our] long-term vision for offering differentiated powertrain solutions across segments under one roof."

The newly established R&D facility is poised to play a pivotal role in driving Tata Motors' advancements in hydrogen propulsion technology, contributing to the automotive industry's transition to sustainable and eco-friendly solutions.

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