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Tata Power's Green Energy Arm Inks 12.5-MW Captive Solar Plant Deal

19 Oct 2023

Tata Power's subsidiary, Tata Power Renewable Energy Limited (TPREL), has set its sights on a greener future by sealing a power delivery agreement (PDA) with Endurance Technologies. This forward-thinking deal, executed through a special purpose vehicle (SPV) known as TP Green Nature Limited, aims to establish a 12.5MW AC captive solar plant. The result? An eco-friendly energy solution that's generating quite a buzz.

Empowering Maharashtra with Solar Energy

The new solar plant is destined for Aachegaon in Maharashtra and is poised to generate a whopping 27.5 million units (MUs) of electricity annually. The clock is ticking, with expectations that the project will be up and running within just 12 months of the PDA signing.

A Shared Vision of Sustainability

This collaboration with Endurance Technologies represents a step toward adopting sustainable energy solutions and actively supporting India's transition to green energy. Ashish Khanna, CEO of TPREL, expressed the company's dedication to assisting energy-intensive businesses in embracing clean energy alternatives.

TPREL's Renewable Energy Portfolio

The proposed captive solar power plant is set to bolster TPREL's renewable energy portfolio, pushing its total capacity to 7,889 MW. This impressive figure includes 3,701 MW of projects at various implementation stages. Presently, Tata Power's operational capacity stands at 4,188 MW, which encompasses 3,185 MW of solar energy and 1,003 MW of wind energy.

A Fruitful Partnership

It's worth noting that TPREL and Endurance Technologies Limited have already enjoyed a successful partnership with a 12.5 MW captive solar power plant in Akkalkot, Maharashtra.

Continuing the Green Journey

This latest power delivery agreement adds to Tata Power's growing list of green energy initiatives, strengthening its commitment to a more sustainable, eco-friendly future.

As India advances its renewable energy efforts, Tata Power remains at the forefront of driving change, one eco-friendly project at a time.

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