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Tata Power Bags 200 MW Firm and Dispatchable Renewable Energy Project

28 Nov 2023

Tata Power Renewable Energy Limited (TPREL), a leading player in India's renewable energy sector, has clinched a significant win with a Letter of Award (LOA) for a 200 MW Firm and Dispatchable Renewable Energy (FDRE) project in collaboration with SJVN Limited (SJVN). The project, aimed at achieving the nation's ambitious 500 GW target by 2030, strategically integrates solar, wind, and battery storage for reliable and dispatchable power supply.

Innovative Approach: Solar, Wind, and Battery Hybrid

The 200 MW FDRE project stands out for its innovative hybrid design, combining solar, wind, and battery storage to ensure a steady and dispatchable energy flow. This approach not only enhances grid stability but also supports discoms in meeting Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO) and Energy Storage Obligation (ESO).

Round-the-Clock Power Supply

FDRE facilitates round-the-clock power supply, catering to the peak demand hours and bringing stability to the grid. Tata Power's foray into this sector underscores its commitment to providing reliable and sustainable energy solutions.

Green Energy Impact: Offset of ~9 Lakh Metric Tonnes of CO2 Annually

The FDRE project is expected to make a substantial impact on carbon emissions, offsetting approximately 9 lakh metric tonnes of CO2 annually. This aligns with India's commitment to green and clean energy solutions, contributing significantly to environmental sustainability.

Strategic Collaboration with SJVN: Milestone Achievement

The collaboration with SJVN, a renowned Indian public sector undertaking in renewable power generation, marks a significant milestone for TPREL. SJVN, designated as the Renewable Energy Implementing Agency (REIA) by MNRE, plays a crucial role in achieving the nation's renewable energy targets.

Project Timeline and Capacity Expansion

The project, secured through competitive bidding and a reverse e-auction, is slated for commissioning within 24 months from the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) execution date. TPREL's win propels its total renewables capacity to an impressive 8,314 MW, showcasing a commitment to portfolio expansion and sustainable energy contributions.

With Tata Power leading the charge, India takes a bold step towards a green energy future, harnessing the potential of solar, wind, and energy storage for a resilient and eco-friendly power landscape.

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