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Tata Power Empowers Women in Green Energy: A Pledge for Progress

8 Mar 2024

National, 8th March 2024 - On International Women's Day 2024, Tata Power, a leading integrated power company in India, renews its commitment to gender parity under the theme "Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress."

As the company strides towards net carbon neutrality by 2045, its female leaders actively contribute to this transformative journey.

Key Highlights:

1. Women Driving Change Across Energy Sectors: Tata Power celebrates the noteworthy contributions of women in both conventional and renewable energy sectors. Women hold pivotal roles in operations, maintenance, projects, R&D, technology, manufacturing, engineering, sales, and customer service. With a leading gender diversity ratio of 14%, Tata Power aims for 18% by FY27.

2. All-Women Workforce in Solar Manufacturing: In a significant stride, Tata Power's newly built 4GW Solar Cell & Solar Module manufacturing capacity in Tamil Nadu boasts up to 80% women in the workforce. Initiatives like all-women meter testing labs and exclusive women shift operations underscore the company's dedication to empowering women employees.

3. Skill Development for Women in Energy Transition: Tata Power actively recruits and trains young women engineers in the evolving energy sector through specialized programs. The Tata Power Skill Development Institute's 'all-women batch' contributes to upskilling and employing more women in frontline positions each year.

4. Creating Equal-Opportunity Work Environment: Tata Power's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Policy focuses on fostering an equal-opportunity work environment. The company recruits 30% early-career women and experienced professionals, ensuring a gender-balanced workforce. Mentoring programs like "Aspire Women-toring" contribute to leadership development.

5. Empowering Women in Communities: Tata Power extends its commitment to empowering women beyond its workforce. Over 20 lakh women community members benefit from CSR interventions, including vocational skilling programs like Abha Sakthi/Sakhi. These initiatives equip women with skills in electricity metering, billing, and energy conservation, enabling them to become community ambassadors.

6. Unnati - Women Literacy Programme: The Unnati program promotes functional literacy through speech-based software, empowering women to gain independence in reading, writing, and managing finances. Over 8000 women serve as Community Ambassadors, contributing to societal development in slums and rural areas.

Mr. Himal Tewari, CHRO and Chief of CSR & Sustainability at Tata Power, emphasizes, "Our commitment towards empowering women to lead India's energy transition is evident with success stories of women handling high-impact roles within the organisation and playing an influencer role in the community."

With a steadfast commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, Tata Power not only upholds its #SustainableisAttainable credo but seamlessly integrates it into its business and community outreach plans, contributing to a more sustainable and inclusive future.

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