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The Future of Fuel in India: Nitin Gadkari's Vision at the Ideas of India Summit

27 Feb 2023

India's Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari, spoke at the "Ideas of India" summit in New Delhi and emphasized the importance of green fuels and hydrogen as the future fuel of India. He stated that hydrogen is the future fuel of India, and that the country's future vehicles will run on hydrogen and other green fuels.

Gadkari acknowledged that lithium-ion batteries will drive India's transition away from gasoline and diesel, making it the fuel of the future. He believes that India's farmers will soon create green fuel and green hydrogen, which will replace the traditional fossil fuels. The Union Minister also reaffirmed that the decreasing prices of lithium-ion batteries will enable India to become a significant exporter of lithium to international markets on a net basis. 

An MOU was signed in October 2022 between Singapore's Keppel Infrastructure and Greenko, an Indian renewable energy business, to examine the potential for green hydrogen exports from India, the fuel of the future. The two companies have been collaborating on a yearly agreement for the supply of 2,50,000 tonnes to Keppel's 600-Megawatt facility in Singapore. 

Despite his satisfaction with India's highway development, Gadkari expressed disappointment with his ministry's and the government's inability to reduce the number of accidents on Indian roadways, which can hinder the adoption of future fuel. He stated that human behavior needs to change in order to cut down accidents, as people continue to disobey laws regarding seat belts, red lights, and two-wheeler helmets. To educate Indians about road safety at a young age, he urged the implementation of it at the primary level, to ensure the safe adoption of future fuel. 

Gadkari also announced his goal to construct 60 kms of new roads every day and declared that additional amenities, including helipads and drone pads, will be built on new roads for swift and emergency transportation, in support of future fuel. 

In conclusion, the Union Minister's speech at the "Ideas of India" summit highlighted the importance of adopting future fuel, such as hydrogen and green fuels, to create a sustainable transportation system in India. The MOU signed with Singapore's Keppel Infrastructure and Greenko demonstrates India's commitment to becoming a significant exporter of green hydrogen, the fuel of the future. Additionally, Gadkari's focus on road safety and his ambitious goal of constructing 60 kms of new roads every day shows the government's dedication to modernizing India's transportation infrastructure for the safe and successful adoption of future fuel.

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