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TheGreenBillions partners for investment

15 Mar 2023

Sustainable Solutions Company TheGreenBillions Partners with IASA for Metakaolin Investment

Sustainable solutions company, TheGreenBillions Limited, has announced its global expansion plans, including a collaboration with the India Australia Strategic Alliance (IASA) for business opportunities in Australia. The IASA will provide the company with a platform, resources, and guidelines to effectively conduct trade in Australia's sustainable energy solutions sector, such as green hydrogen and Metakaolin processors.

Metakaolin is a key component in the process of cement manufacturing, which acts as a carbon capturer and reduces carbon emissions by an average of 40 per cent. TheGreenBillions plans to set up Metakaolin processors in Australia and is currently negotiating the mining concessions of Kaolin.

Dr. Prateek Kanakia, Chairman and Founder of TheGreenBillions Limited, stated that they "look forward to setting up plants that can extract Clean and Green Hydrogen from Biomass and Municipal Solid Waste." They are also planning to develop similar projects offering hydrogen extraction plants made with indigenous technology for converting solid waste into hydrogen.

TheGreenBillions is currently working with Pune Municipal Corporation to set up the first plant in India to extract green hydrogen from biomass and municipal solid waste for a period of 30 years. The project aims to extract clean hydrogen from municipal solid waste. The company is discussing with other state municipalities across India to implement and set up similar plants in the future.

Speaking on the investment plans, Tony Abbott, former Australian Prime Minister, said: "Australia has signed an intercountry energy transition cooperation agreement with India and prominent companies like Reliance Industries are going to Australia to set up similar projects. Australia welcomes foreign investment and has particularly welcomed foreign investment that will have a greener outcome for all of us."

Dr. Jagvinder Singh Virk, Chairman of the India Australia Strategic Alliance, added that they stand to support companies like TheGreenBillions to help set up their business entities in Australia, promoting Indian and Australian industries in international markets as their primary goal.

TheGreenBillions' collaboration with IASA will facilitate investment in Australia's sustainable energy solutions sector, and the establishment of Metakaolin processors in the country. With a growing focus on clean energy solutions worldwide, such investments will play a vital role in reducing carbon emissions and promoting a greener future.

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