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UHL and H2i Unveil Revolutionary Hydrogen Injection Kits for Diesel Engines

28 Aug 2023

United H2 Limited (UHL) and its subsidiary H2i Technology have taken a significant leap towards a greener future with the introduction of an innovative hydrogen enhancement system designed for diesel-fueled combustion engines. The partnership has resulted in the creation of ten advanced hydrogen injection kits, marking a groundbreaking solution that could reshape the landscape of carbon emissions and fuel costs within the oil and gas and mining sectors.

A Stride Towards Sustainability H2i Technology has successfully developed ten hydrogen injection kits that are ready for commercial deployment. These kits are engineered to seamlessly integrate with existing diesel-powered combustion engines, enabling a reduction in both carbon emissions and fuel expenses. This advancement is poised to offer consumers and industries operating in various sectors a chance to cut down on their environmental impact while optimizing operational costs.

Revolutionizing Combustion Engines The innovative hydrogen system devised by UHL has demonstrated its potential to deliver impressive results. Exhaust smoke from diesel engines could see a reduction of up to 49%, coupled with a 50% decrease in exhaust opacity. Beyond the immediate environmental benefits, consumers could experience a notable 10%-20% reduction in fuel costs. The impact of savings is even more pronounced for larger-scale engines and generators, promising greater economic efficiency.

A Global Opportunity Research conducted by Gordon Capital underscores the vast global potential of H2i Technology's hydrogen injection solution. Approximately 20 million diesel generators worldwide could adopt this pioneering technology, transforming the landscape of emissions and efficiency.

Promising Health Benefits The positive implications extend beyond carbon reduction. The mining industry, which often grapples with ventilation challenges in underground mines, could potentially experience health benefits due to the decreased smoke and exhaust fumes associated with hydrogen use.

On the Horizon As the final testing phase draws to a close over the next two to four weeks, H2i Technology is set to initiate field testing using the ten commercially ready kits. A comprehensive rollout strategy is poised to offer potential customers the opportunity to witness the impact firsthand within the next six months.

Embracing Sustainability Across Industries UHL and H2i have their sights set on revolutionizing multiple industries. Field trials with potential customers in sectors such as steel manufacturing, agriculture, construction, mining, and hospitality/tourism are on the horizon. These trials, spanning across Australia and the Middle East, hold the potential to drive substantial change and emissions reduction.

Positive Outlook UHL Chairman Richard Allen expresses confidence in the trajectory of this pioneering initiative. As the hydrogen injection solution garners interest from major industries, H2i is poised to establish itself as a catalyst for change, delivering tangible environmental and economic benefits across the UHL Group.

A Catalyst for Emission Reduction H2i Technology Chairman David Vinson emphasizes the potential of the field trials to pave the way for a paradigm shift. Converting field testing agreements into sales contracts could spearhead a wave of emissions reduction across the diesel value chain, contributing significantly to the global movement towards sustainability.

In an era where hydrogen is emerging as a game-changing alternative to conventional fuels, the UHL and H2i partnership stands as a testament to innovation driving positive change. As the world seeks to transition towards cleaner energy, initiatives like this underscore the potential of technology to reshape industries while reducing environmental impact.

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