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UltraTech Cements Powers Up with Green Energy Play

31 Mar 2024

UltraTech Cement, a frontrunner in the construction industry, is taking a big leap towards a sustainable future!

The company has announced plans to acquire a 26% stake in O2 Renewable Energy, a company focused on generating and transmitting renewable energy.

This strategic move is a win-win for UltraTech, allowing them to:

  • Go Green: UltraTech can meet its clean energy needs, reducing their environmental footprint.

  • Save Green: The acquisition is expected to optimize energy costs, making UltraTech's operations more sustainable financially.

  • Comply with Green Regulations: The investment ensures UltraTech adheres to the latest regulations for captive power consumption under electricity laws.

Building a Sustainable Future, One Brick at a Time

This move highlights UltraTech's commitment to environmental responsibility. By investing in renewable energy, they're setting a positive example for other companies in the industry. The acquisition is expected to be completed within 180 days, with an investment of up to Rs 15.68 crore.

UltraTech's investment in O2 Renewable Energy is a significant step towards a greener future for the construction sector. By embracing clean energy solutions, UltraTech is building a sustainable future, one brick at a time!

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