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NEOM Green Hydrogen

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

NEOM Green Hydrogen

NEOM Green Hydrogen
NEOM Green Hydrogen

NEOM Green Hydrogen project is one of the major sources of creating jobs, contributing to economic growth and diversity by creating a new industry in NEOM and the Kingdom. NEOM is said to be the home to the world's largest renewable hydrogen project which will be the key contributor to NEOM vision 2023.

Green hydrogen is a renewable energy that can be used as fuel for transportation and power in power plants. Manufacturing industries can use this green hydrogen as a green ingredient for a variety of products.

NEOM Green Hydrogen company has planned to produce Green Hydrogen from OXAGON, NEOM’s advanced manufacturing hub, which will be fuel for the electric vehicles in NEOM to ensure a sustainable environment.

NEOM Helios green hydrogen project

NEOM Green Hydrogen project will be one of the world’s leading centers for green hydrogen as NEOM is one of the rarest places on Earth where Green Hydrogen can be made in a very large quantity in comparison to other places.

NEOM is a unique combination of wind & sun, that provides the perfect power source for generating clean energy. This energy can be further used to produce green hydrogen as a vision of the NEOM Helios Green Hydrogen project to meet the requirements of areas importing energy like Europe.

NEOM Green Hydrogen also fulfills the NEOM new & technology-driven economy vision. It focuses on various uses of green hydrogen which will also meet the target of NEOM to be using 100% renewable energy.

NEOM green hydrogen Air Products

NEOM Green Hydrogen Company is a joint venture among NEOM, Air Products & ACWA Power. To be active by 2026 and to build the world's largest hydrogen base ammonia production facility the three signed the agreement on 1 July.

The project is equally owned by the three companies and is located in NEOM. The aim is to produce 1.2 million tonnes of green hydrogen base ammonia per year. It will generate 4GW of renewable power from sun, wing & storage; production of 650t per day.

NEOM Green Hydrogen company signs a long-term supply deal with Air Products to sell green ammonia which will be further exported to the international market. This green ammonia will be again converted back to green hydrogen to fulfill the need of the hydrogen mobility market.


  • Which companies are working in NEOM project?

  • Ans. Two joint venture groups, the first is FCC Construction SA/China State Construction Engineering Corporation/Shibh Al-Jazira Contracting Company Joint Venture (FCC/CSCEC/SAJCO JV), and the second Samsung C&T Corporation /Hyundai Engineering and Construction Co. Ltd/Saudi Archirodon Company Ltd Joint Venture (SHAJV) are working in NEOM project

  • What is NEOM energy?

  • Ans. NEOM energy aims at moving beyond zero carbon to a circular economy and developing 100% clean energy for NEOM by using future thinking to drive the change.

  • What energy source does NEOM rely on?

  • Ans. NEOM will heavily rely on renewable energy. NEOM is a unique combination of wind & sun, that provides the perfect power source for generating clean energy

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